About us
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When you partner with Tilt, you are supported throughout your journey. We commit time and energy to the long-term interests of our clients and tenants.
With hundreds of properties within our portfolio, our team works hard to be considered a trusted partner.

A trusted partner
Rather than seeking a great number of properties, we closely examine each premise for its inherent potential, with an eye for strong value and returns.

As a result, Tilt has a reputation for delivering results, and are now trusted with overseeing a management portfolio valued in excess of $280,000,000, considerable value for our nimble consulting team.
Going Above and Beyond
When leasing out premises, Tilt seeks out healthy synergies in the tenant mix, using our positive reputation to seek better tenant outcomes and longer tenancies.
Tilt brings a team approach, working with you to arrive at solutions that meet the unique needs of your organisation, while finding win-win solutions between vendors and clients.
A Hands on Approach
Tilt's expertise and personal approach will help you understand the details of each step in your journey. We bring a sense of ease, clarity and confidence to your investments.

For example, as legislation changes, Tilt informs clients and help them gain clarity on their rights to ensure they are properly protected.
Lower Deck - Main Bar Area
A Highly Experienced Team
Tilt is known for its valued advice
and experienced team members who
combined, bring 10 decades of
experience in the industry.
Adam Yeo
director, principal  0410 483 121  |  
Adam has worked in the Commercial Real Estate industry for over 18 years and has experienced the highs and lows of the industry.

This has given Adam a great deal of knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing market. Known as a tough negotiator, Adam has a reputation for getting deals done.
craig cairns
director  0421 939 668  |  
With a career in the property industry that spans over two decades, Craig's unmatched depth of experience in all aspects of commercial & industrial property is widely sought by corporate clientele.

Craig has worked for various commercial & industrial real estate agencies ranging from small boutique offices to national agencies all over the world. He has bought, sold, leased and developed real estate in South Africa, the UK and Australia.
gary hardman
property manager
0455 455 344

Allison Haigh
Property Manager
0402 570 241
Tanya Llewellyn
Property Manager
‍0413 207 940
Vivian do
trust accountant
6444 6336

walter la rocca
sales & leasing
0412 946 417
Robert Luca
Sales & Leasing
0413 270 058
Melissa Haines
‍office manager
9445 2330
sarah cairns
office manager
9445 2330